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AngelEye Ltd

Sant Osvaldo Str., 1b
+39 04711726038
39100 Bolzano (BZ)
VAT IT02641370214


AngelEye LifeGuard was designed to ensure pool users’ safety, while maximizing the swimming facilities’ safety performance as a whole.

AngelEye offers a surveillance system specifically designed to monitor the activities of pool users.

Thanks to a video-surveillance system for the detection of dangerous situations,AngelEye is able to alert the lifeguards on duty in a fast and effective way, providing immediate and targeted help to the person in distress.

The AngelEye system boasts several access tools and a number of control stands ("Consoles") that offer a constant view of all activities in the pools, especially in the most critical areas, such as the bottom and near the edges.

The AngelEye system enables you to monitor all activities carried out in the water, with the possibility of extending the video surveillance to open areas in outdoor pools (picnic and playground areas, green areas, relaxation areas).

AngelEye’s control system can be accessed either by the lifeguards, or other personnel in charge of watching over pool users, alternatively, by staff responsible for the facility’s video surveillance and security camera equipment.

Video surveillance of the facility (CCTV) can also be remotized: access to the system can be granted to third parties or to AngelEye staff (outsourced service).

The AngelEye system can record all the activities performed in the pools and sort critical situations from normal ones in order to keep evidence of what happened.

Thanks to its advanced system for storing images, AngelEye fully meets the legislative requirements concerning personal data protection, in full compliance with Italy’s current Privacy Act.

The dangerous situation detection features can be customized according to the specific needs of each swimming facility: specific configurations can be designed for every need and type of facility.